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Montenegro’s open gate. The largest harbour on the eastern coast of the Adriatic, Mediterranean centre of diversity, seductive for its friendliness, its birds, olives and wine. Located under the Rumija Mountain, between the Adriatic See and the Lake Scutari, Bar will surprise you with its variety of cultures, religions, nations, customs, with the quiet villages surrounding it. International cruisers dock at the 46 kilometres long coast, but don’t worry if you’d prefer to bathe: there is enough space for you on some nine kilometres of beach, during the season lasting from the middle of May till mid-October.

Check the trueness of the stories about the monster supposed to live in the 65 kilometres long Lake Scutari close to the Bar municipality. Beware! Don’t risk going into the water if you have just tasted the Crmnica wine. It beguiles your senses, it can attract even the lake mermaids. Enjoy the view of the bird colonies which arrive here from other parts of the world every year. Discover the lake islands with their monasteries, historical buildings and their ancient stories about the lives of the people. Don’t miss the small town of Virpazar and its inns.

Visit the Old City on an elevated ground some four kilometres from the coast. In this open air museum or architecture, one civilisation after another has left its traces since the 7th century. Hark to the sound of life of many peoples under the shadow of a 2000 years old olive tree.

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